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Record your COVID-19 Experiences

Help us to inform future generations of what life was like during the COVID-19 pandemic in the East Riding.
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Family, local and property

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Follow our online guides on how to research your family, town or village or a property to get you started on your journey into history.
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Accredited Archive Services is awarded by The National Archives accreditation panel. It ensures the long-term collection, preservation and accessibility of the country's archival heritage. Accreditation is the UK quality standard which recognises good performance in all areas of the delivery of archive service. Achieving accredited status shows that East Riding Archives has met clearly defined national standards relating to management and resourcing, the care of its unique collections, and what the service offers to its entire range of users.

Projects and Funding

Thanks to funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund East Riding Archives is able to develop its important work. We've been able to buy photographic equipment to digitise records for preservation and easier access. Funding also helps us train volunteers and hold family activities.

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Have fun with our stories and activities, all based on information found in the archives, and read our posts about the work we do.

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