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Hornsea Pottery - Chapter 4

Hornsea Pottery designs are known throughout the world and much sought after by collectors, being accepted by the Council of Industrial Design and included in the Design Index. Originally, the designs were simple 'fancies' such as vases, bowls, ash-trays, and condiment sets, and it wasn't until 1968 that the immensely popular tableware ranges were introduced, such as John Clappison's 'Heirloom', 'Saffron' and 'Bronte' lines for example. In the 1970s, the 'Contrast' and 'Concept' ranges proved extremely popular, through a partnership with ceramic design group Queensbury-Hunt.

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DDPH-9-1-1 82 Hornsea Pottery logo, nd. [1960s]

DDPH-9-1-2 101 Nessie mugs, designed by John Clappison, 1969-1971.

DDPH-9-1-2 102 Frog mugs, designed by John Clappison, 1970.

DDPH-9-1-2 114 Products ready for exhibition display, 1960s.

DDPH-9-1-2 139 Commemorative tankard for the Mayflower, Pilgrim Fathers voyage (designed by John Clappison), 1970.

DDPH-9-1-2 141 Mayflower tankard with presentation gift box, nd. [1960s]

DDPH-9-1-2 142 Colin Rawson (back), John Clappison, and Kenny Ball (presumed, at front on right). Kenny played many times at the Potters Ball in The Floral Hall. The tankard is the Uncle Tom Cobbleigh design, by John Clappison, nd. [1960s]

DDPH-9-1-5 450 Heirloom design storage jars and spice jars, by John Clappison. This design was manufactured in three colour combinations (green/black, brown/black, blue/black). It was screen printed which put the company at the top of tableware design, nd. [1960s]

DDPH-9-1-5 451 Heirloom coffee set, designed by John Clappison, nd. [1960s]

DDPH-9-1-5 452 Heirloom tableware, nd. [1960s]

DDPH-9-1-5 455 Heirloom condiment set on wooden stand, nd. [1960s]

DDPH-9-1-5 456 Heirloom egg cups on wooden stand, nd. [1960s]

DDPH-9-1-6 550 Painting Muramics, by John Clappison, nd. [c.1970s]

DDPH-9-1-6 552 Painting Muramics, by John Clappison, nd. [c.1970s]

DDPH-9-1-7 608 Saffron tableware, designed by John Clappison, 1970-1972.

DDPH-9-1-7 611 Saffron storage jars, designed by John Clappison, nd. [c.1970s]