Protecting the past

ConservationConserv- ation

A large part of our work is spent on conservation, fixing damaged items so they can be handled and used again. Meet the people who are making local heritage accessible to all, and just how we do it.
There's a special machine or tool for every possible job in the conservation workshop.
Archives brought into the conservation workshop are very fragile, and need a delicate touch.
East Riding Archives welcome tour groups to find out more about the fascinating work we do. Get in touch to find out more.

The Conservation Workshop

On your next visit to the Treasure House, take a look inside the Conservation Workshop next to the Research Room. You might be able to see our Conservator at work preserving or repairing documents.

Conservation involves both reviving documents that are close to ruin and preserving documents in good condition so they remain that way to be accessed by generations to come. We hold many valuable documents and essential records, but some do not arrive in a condition that is ready to be handled. Items could have been found covered in mould, stained by flood waters or met with a number of possible accidents. It is our job to rescue these items. Cleaning and piecing them together again before we can preserve them in special acid-free storage boxes, in environment controlled strongrooms, where they will stand the test of time. Only in this way can we maintain a permanent archive of the East Riding.

Policies on collection and access

We maintain a number of policies on our standards on preservation and access to historic records available to download and read.

Projects and Funding

Thanks to funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund East Riding Archives is able to develop its important work. We've been able to buy photographic equipment to digitise records for preservation and easier access. Funding also helps us train volunteers and hold family activities. For more updates on projects, see the East Riding Libraries, Museums and Archives news page.

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