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Whether you're looking for a fantastic gift or charges for the photocopier, you'll find all prices for archives services here.

Treasures in the gift shop

There are several books and DVDs on the history of the East Riding in the Treasure House gift shop. These are not available to buy online. Details of these can be found on the Treasure House page

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Making copies

All copies of archive items must be within copyright law. If you want a copy of an archive item to use in a publication, such as a book, please see reproduction in publication costs below.


Buy a photography pass to be able to take photos of documents in the research room with your own camera and an unlimited number of shots. Phone cameras are permitted but must not be used for calls and must be on silent mode.

Please note: Flash photography is not allowed in the research room. Not all items can be photographed, or some items can only be photographed by our trained staff.

  • Day pass - £10
  • One year pass (valid from date of purchase) - £45

To buy a photography pass, pay at reception in the Research Room with cash or card

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Staff photography

You can order photographs of items from our staff for supply on CD or emailed. Some of our more fragile items can only be photographed by our staff. This starts at £21.50, including one photo, CD and staff time. Each additional photo costs £2. A CD can hold roughly 160 photos, depending on image size. Staff photography orders are normally completed within ten working days of payment, unless otherwise stated. Completed CDs can be picked up from the Archives reception at the Treasure House or posted for a small fee. The staff camera is a Canon EOS 5DS Digital SLR, with 50 megapixels.

Breakdown of costs:

  • Handling charge - £17.50
  • Cost per shot - £2.00
  • Cost per CD and copying onto CD - £2.00

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Self-service photocopies

There is a self-serve printer and photocopier in the research room which can be used for microfiche, microfilm and books on the open shelves. Some items can be brought to the research room to be copied. You can pay an additional fee for our staff to copy items. Some items can only be copied by trained staff.

Some documents are too fragile to be photocopied, but may be able to be photographed instead. Most fragile items are marked in the online catalogue under physical description. A member of staff can advise how to obtain copies of particular archive items.

  • Self-service A4 microfilm/fiche printer reader – 60p
  • Self-service from A3 microfilm/fiche printer reader - 80p
  • Self-service A4 and A3 black and white print – 10p
  • Self-service print out from public access PC – 10p
  • Self-service colour print out from public access PC – 50p
  • Print out from transcript or electronic file – 10p
Staff photocopies and scans

Some fragile documents require special care from our trained staff to be copied. Some documents are too fragile to be photocopied, but may be able to be photographed instead. Most fragile items are marked in the online catalogue under physical description. A member of staff can advise how to obtain copies of particular archive items.

Printed Photocopies

  • A4 black and white page - 60p
  • A3 black and white page - 80p
  • A4 colour page - £1.20
  • A3 colour page - £1.50
  • A4 from microfilm/fiche reader 1- £1.20
  • A3 from microfilm/fiche reader - £1.50

Scan to CD, DVD or email

  • Cost per scan - £2.00
  • Cost per CD and copying onto CD - £2.00
  • Handling charge - £3.00 per 10 scans
Audio and visual copies

You can order copies of some of our audio and video archives for private research.

Save to CD or DVD

  • Cost per audio or video file - £2.00
  • Cost per CD/DVD and copying onto disk - £2.00
  • Handling charge - £3.00 per 10 audio/video files
Certified copies and deeds

You can get copies from the Register of Deeds.. These copies can be certified if you need them for legal reasons. This means that they are stamped and signed as being a true copy.

  • Marriage certificate from parish register - £11.00*
  • Baptism certificate from parish register - £30.00**
  • Search and certificate from parish register, baptism - £21.00**
  • Certified transcript from a parish register - £6.00
  • Certification other than parish registers - £6.00

* Statutory charges governed by the Registrar General

** Statutory charges governed by Ecclesiastical Fees Order

Register of Deeds

  • Copy memorial - £26.00
  • Copy certified memorial - £32.00
  • Copy plan - £7.50
  • Search fee, per half hour - £15.00
  • Copy memorial (self-search) - £8.00
Get copies by post or email
  • Handling charge for orders by post - £3.00 per production item

Unable to visit and would like a copy?
We can arrange delivery of copies via post or email. Please request a quote via email. Once submitted, our staff will see how many copies or photos are required to send the entire document and arrange payment.

Please note. Staff copy orders are normally completed within ten working days, unless otherwise stated.

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Copyright Law

Making copies of items can be important for researchers to gather evidence, or you can request copies of items if you cannot visit the archives in person. If you want a copy of an archive item to use in a publication, such as a book, please see reproduction in publication costs below. There are many ways in which you can get copies. These can be printed or you can scan an item to save on CD or be emailed.

Any copying must not break copyright law. For items with copyright restrictions, you are allowed one copy to use in your research, and will need to fill in an order form with copyright declaration.

Talks and tours

Take a peek into the inner workings of East Riding Archives with a behind-the-scenes tour for your group. Learn about the conservation workshop, the special materials needed to preserve paper documents over time and the environment-controlled strongrooms that house all the mysteries of East Riding heritage. Lectures from our archivists are also available. For costs and available dates, please get in touch. Check out the events page for any upcoming activities.

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Help with research

Half-hour search help - £15

If you are unable to search through records at East Riding Archives, you can request a half-hour session by one of our trained staff. This service does not guarantee our staff can find information relevant to your research. To get the most out of your half-hour, it is best to provide as much detail as possible, such as names, places and date ranges to focus on. We cannot search open-ended topics.

To request research help, you will need to provide the item number you would like to be searched. This can be found on our online catalogue. A non-refundable fee of £15 must be paid when you request the search. Our staff will complete the search and forward the results via email within 10 working days.

Request research help

We can search the following types of records:

  • Church registers
  • Newspapers
  • Census records 1841-1901
  • School registers
  • Cemetery and coroners' records
  • Electoral registers.

If you need a longer search or a lot of research you should employ a record searcher. The following external websites may help you:

Reproduction in publication

To reproduce items from East Riding Archives in any publication, printed or digital, there is a £28 publication license fee per item produced, with additional copy charges depending on the size and nature of the project. In lieu of the fee, copies of the final publication may be accepted instead. All decisions of the Archives Manager is final. To discuss details of your project, and for advice on copyright ownership of the items you wish to reproduce, please supply us with your contact details and a brief overview of the project, and one of our team will get back to you within 10 working days.

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Modern, fully equipped meetings rooms are available to hire by the hour on the first floor of the Treasure House. Get access to free unlimited public Wi-Fi, projector with screen and a flipchart stand. With cafe, library, archives, museum and art gallery all under one roof, bring your community, school or corporate group into the heart of culture for the day. Find a meeting room to meet your needs. If you need to talk about your research with an archivist, we have an interview room available inside the research room.

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